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 "Jacki represents all that is best in oncology massage. Her clear explanation of the principles, care, application, and treatment protocol was done with grace and humor. " –MK Brennan, S4OM President 

As a long time educator I am pleased to offer Continuing Education credits approved by NCBTMB and Society for Oncology Massage. Because every therapist will encounter people with a history of cancer, no matter what type of venue they work in, I feel that all massage therapists need oncology massage education. My personal mission is to see every spa and wellness center offer oncology massage by properly trained therapists.

A question that I have been asked by many therapists is "Why do I need extra training? Can't I just give a lighter massage?" I hear this question frequently and the short answer is that it's VERY important that massage therapists and estheticians have specialized training to handle the many facets of the person with a history of cancer. The longer answer has to do with the fact that many cancer survivors have compromised lymph nodes that require modifications to a massage that makes it safe for them. If too much pressure is used, or the strokes are not correctly provided, an untrained therapist can possibly trigger lymphedema. This is a condition which is chronically managed, once it is triggered. There are also adaptations to be made for the client who is currently in treatment. Oncology massage can reduce pain and anxiety, help with getting better sleep, and some studies indicate an increase in dopamine and seratonin levels that make us feel better.

If you would like me to do an onsite class at your spa or wellness center please contact me at NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider #1422

Student feedback from oncology massage classes:

"This is the most touching and impactful CE course I have ever attended. I feel that this course has made me whole as a therapist." ~ Allison Brown

"What I enjoyed most was Jacki. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the course content were amazing! The passion she showed to each of us during the learning experience was great."

"I really appreciated how you treated everyone fairly and explained things so kind and patiently."

Courses offered: Oncology Massage Foundation and Advanced Oncology Massage










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